Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental

What documents do I need while renting from Ephesus Rent a Car?
The driver’s license of the person renting the car (obtained at least 2 years ago), an ID, and a credit card in renter’s name with a sufficient limit.

Why do I need to provide a credit card to cite in the Ephesus Rent a Car Contract?
The card information is provided so that any fines or unpaid tolls (e.g. bridges, highways etc.) occurring during your rental period can be collected through mail order after your rental period is over. In the case of a fine, the related reports are sent to the client, and their card is processed upon their approval.

Is it possible for me to rent a vehicle from İzmir or Bodrum (Milas) Airports?
Yes. We are able to deliver your vehicle to you on the desired timeframe based on your reservation.

How do you welcome us at the airport?
An Ephesus Rent a Car staff welcomes you in front of the exit door, holding a sign with your name on it.

Do you work on Sundays and public holidays?
Yes. We work 7 days of the week between 8:00 – 20:00. As long as you make your reservation beforehand, we are able to deliver your vehicle at night hours.

After I make my reservation on the internet, am I going to pay an extra fee while picking up my car?
There are no extra payments during pick-up.

What do I need to do in the case of a traffic accident?
If your rental car is involved in an accident, you need to contact EPHESUS RENT A CAR as well as the related Traffic Police Authorities. Additionally, it is crucial to fill out the required Accident Reports and shoot photos of the accident scene. If the renter of the vehicle is at fault, an exemption fee is applied based on the vehicle model rented (The amount is specified on your contract).
In short, if the renter is at fault in the event of an accident, or if they drop off the vehicle without a report, they are held accountable for the amount specified on the rental contract.

What do I need to do if there is a mechanical malfunction with the car?
In the case of a mechanical malfunction, if there is no chance of swift repair, we exchange your vehicle with a new one. Our clients are not accountable for mechanical malfunctions. What matters is that you contact our office and specify the problem with your vehicle. We solve the problem as soon as possible. In the case that the problem persists for a long time, we provide a vehicle exchange.

Do I pick up my vehicle with a full tank?
Vehicles may not always be provided with a full tank. The pick-up and drop-off fuel levels need to be the same. If you happen to return your car with a fuller tank than your pick-up, the amount for the extra fuel is not returned.